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Feeling Fall finally–thoughts turn to Florida…but, given their gators, do we dare go?

Talk about the office this week blew with the strong northern winds to consideration of making a move to the South.  When I suggested Florida, a colleague expressed concerns about alligators, such as this one that put an end to a jogger.  This led me to doing some research on the relative risks of Nature down there in God’s Waiting Room.

Check out these stats that surprised me with evidence that ‘gators are worse than sharks.

Elsewhere I learned that there’s been 52 lighting deaths in Florida over the last 10 years.

Here’s a recap of these grisly stats for Florida:

  • Gators—3 deaths per decade
  • Sharks—1.4 killed every 10 years
  • Lightning—52 fried per decade

It turns out that the latter are mainly men out fishing (>80 % of the deaths)—probably trying to catch sharks or gators.

Maybe I will just stay here in Minnesota and take my chances on either freezing to death or being eaten by wolves.



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Putting the cheeriest spin on 2013 World Happiness report by the United Nations

Kudos to Bloomberg Businessweek graphics editor Evan Applegate for this breakdown showing Peru on top for achieving the biggest percent gain in happiness over the past 5 years.  One of my daughters moved to Arequipa this summer and started up an organic chocolatieria and coffee shop so I’ve no doubt that this is now the nexus of burgeoning bliss. 🙂

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