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Statistics and advice on New Year’s resolutions

  • The Statistic Brain offers these two morsels on New Year’s resolutions:
    • Losing weight leads the list of at over 20%. Self-improvement comes in a distant second.
    • Less than 10% of people achieve their resolutions. However, people who make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t.
  • “Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day” will be observed on January 17—the most common day that people give up on their goals according to Psychology Today. They recommend going with monthly resolutions.
  • Experimental results reported in this article on “The science of keeping your New Year’s resolution” from yesterday’s Washington Post provide good news for those who make it through one entire month without being derailed from their resolution. It turns out that by doing so, along with being willing to forgive yourself for a few slip-ups, you are likely to succeed over the long run. (P.S. I recommend that you follow the link above and check into two suggestions that will enhance your success for building up good habits:  ‘”Piggybacking” and “Temptation Bundling”.)

All the best in 2018 for accomplishing whatever goals you hope to achieve.

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